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Slow Pleasures

Gli architetti del 900

Slow Pleasures



Good food, fresh, well prepared and delicious should be a luxury accessible to all. Although refined eateries might be located on the most famous streets of all the big capitals, a true gastronomic sensation is rare to find. Eurochannel invites you along on a sensatory extravaganza as we rediscover old and new flavors, forgotten from times gone by in Bold Italian Flavors.

Bold Italian Flavors is a magazine series presented in an entertaining documentary format. This production reveals the tantalizing results of in depth research into the country's finest cuisine as we guarantee to reignite passions for almost-forgotten flavors. Enjoy the journey on our culinary exploration as we discover small producers of gastronomic excellence who are threatened by industrial agriculture, standardization, and blight.

By going beyond popular and typical ingredients, this documentary offers the perfect opportunity to become familiar with cuisine rarities such as the Zolfino bean, the Zeri sheep –a jewel in Italian gastronomy- among other delicatessen products. Welcome aboard a most enjoyable voyage across Italy's most exquisite cuisine!

Length: 4X30'
director: Walter Bencini
production: INSEKT 2012

in coproduction: EUROCHANNEL

Slow Pleasures

Architetti del novecento [view]

TV series
Length: 5X60'
director: Antonio Damia
production: INSEKT 2006

produced by Tomas Angeli

in coproduction RAI CINEMA

La Chiesa di fine Millennio  

The Church in the Third Millenium [view]

Length: 5x60'
Director: Tomas Angeli
Productions: INSEKT 2001-2004
Executive producer: Tomas Angeli
in coproduction by Rai International

Tesori d'Italia  

Treasures of Italy [view]

Weekly magazine series produced for Digitaly Channel examining the public arts, including period houses, gardens of villas, monuments, churches, and the unequaled cultural patrimony of our nation that resides between myth, legend and history.

Length: 30x10'
Director: Walter Bencini
Productions: INSEKT 1999-2001

Safety Zone  

Safety Zone [view]
Magazine series exploring the cultural underground

Television series created by Walter Bencini and airing on Odeon TV. Featuring Francesca Alfano Miglietti, Antonio Caronia, Vittore Baroni, Elena Velena who explore the Italian cultural underground.

Length: 12x26'
Director: Walter Bencini
Produced by INSEKT 1997-1998
in coproduction by ODEON TV





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